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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Hardware Societe and Yak Bar, Melbourne

The Hardware Societe Cafe

118-120 Hardware Street
Melbourne Victoria

03 9078 5992

Yak Bar

150 Flinders Lane 
Melbourne Victoria

03 9654 6699

Remember when I said I would blog more? Fail. I've written nil blogs since Jan 2012. 
Zilch. I must be the world's worst food blogger. Haha or just the world's most lazy food blogger. 

But I'm back! Even if its just to quickly say hello to share my recent (2 months old) experience at two eateries in Melbourne. Hopefully this wont be the last you'll hear for me for another eight months. I'll try.. *try* to blog. I'm surprised this blog is still 16 on urbanspoon and I've reached 37,000 hits (wooohooo!) so the least I can do is blog a bit more. 

This must be one of the most popular cafes in Melbourne. We dropped by around noon on a long weekend for a late brunch in the freezing Melbourne rain and we're greeted by a deceivingly short line. Deceiving because the wait seemed like eternity. It was cold. We were hungry. Big groups kept taking our table. And everyone in the cafe seemed sooo happy. And so warm. And did I mention happy? Happily digging away into their chorizo baked eggs and whatnot. So I mentally opened a bottle of champagne to celebrate when they finally called our names for table....

And was it worth it? This was the prize on offer:

The verdict? Honestly I can't give you a good one. I'm also a horrible food blogger because this is the first time I've ever had baked eggs for breakfast. So I didnt have anything to compare this to. The baked eggs with chorizo and tomato served with bread was a little overcooked for me.. I expected the eggs to be runny but instead it was solid and fully cooked. But the flavours were good and finding bits of chorizo in the pot made me really happy. So for me, I liked it. But I get the feeling that this could have been better if the egg was runny. 

I cant remember what this is. But I remembered the dish looked nothing than what I expected. Average reviews from memory. 

Oh man. Also have no idea what this is. I think its pork belly and some type of beans... A bit heavy for brunch. 

Definitely try the baked eggs with chorizo and tomato, its good enough to give it a try at least once. The cafe was lovely, the atmosphere bustling and as a Melbourne institution its definitely a must try. 

Yar Bar Pasta Artigianale

We had dinner here on the second night and it was actually really really good. A close friend had recommended it for some of the best pastas in Melbourne and it certainly didnt disappoint. 

Selection of cured meats and marinated vegetables with fennel grissini 

So good! Definitely recommend this. Also really good value.. $18.50. See! All restaurants should have websites and post up menus because otherwise its impossible to remember prices or even names..

Chargrilled baby calamari with salsa verde and shaved white zucchini

Calamari was superbly fresh and the salsa verde matched the seafood perfectly. Must order this as an entree.

Tagliatelle with pork rib and rosemary ragu

Roast half duck with semolina gnocchi and orange jus

Half duck? Yes half duck. The serving was huge.

Traditional Lasagne

This was so fresh.. the pasta sheets melted in your mouth. Didnt have that chewy texture that processed lasagne sheets have.

Gnocchi of the day- beef ragu

Gnocchi is my absolute favourite pasta and if a restaurant serves gnocchi you'll pretty much guess what my order would be. This was one of the better gnocchi I've had. I think I would prefer a white sauce but I guess thats personal preference rather than anything else. The gnocchi had the right texture and was fluffy.

Squid Ink Angel Hair Pasta

Didn't get a taste of this but it was very well received. 

Overall? Recommend Yak Bar! Give it a try if you're in Melbourne =) And the wine list was good. Also it doesnt have those ridiculous lines that places like Mamasita or Chin Chin has. 

Well thats it from me! Hope everyone has been well. 

Eat well and thanks for visiting!



  1. yay welcome back to the blogosphere! the calamari looks good!

  2. We're going back to Melbourne in March! So tempting to visit this cafe every morning for breakfast :)

  3. Oh my! The squid ink angel pasta is very intriguing! Love to try it! :)