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Friday, March 25, 2011

Crossroads Bar, Swiss Fondue

Crossroads Bar
The Swissotel Sydney

Swiss Fondue Promotion- $27 per person

Swissotel Sydney,

Market Street Sydney


Bookings advised

Crossroads Bar is located on level eight. The lush surroundings are the ideal place to relax over high tea or a few drinks. The Crossroads Bar is also an ideal meeting place to catch up with colleagues or friends

To celebrate the boy's birthday, I took him to the Swissotel for the ultimate protein feast. Boys listen and weep. Cheese, cheese, cheese, more cheese, some sausages, pickles and lots of crunchy bread. Okay so maybe bread isn't really a protein food BUT it soaks up the cheese so its actually super cheesy bread.

Crossroads Bar on level 8 at the Swissotel is currently doing fondue but note that fondue isn't on the menu all year. You should book because it takes the kitchen quite some time to get the fondue and fondue condiments ready.

Fondue Forks

The fondue condiments

Swiss Sausages

Crunchy sesame topped bread. Very generous serving

Roasted potatoes

Gerkins and picked onions. Very good when dipped in cheese

The cheese

This was the first time I've tried cheese fondue and I absolutely loved it. The cheese was really good and everything went so well with the cheese. Cheesy goodness! Definitely a must try for all fondue-virgins.

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