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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sushi Hotaru, Japanese, Sydney

Sushi Hotaru

Level 1, The Galleries Victoria
500 George Street Sydney

9262 9917

Recently opened, Sushi Hotaru has been very popular because of its central location and also because all plates (Except the gold ones) are $3.00. Thats all hand rolls and pretty much everything on the menu except for sashimi.

The restaurant is pretty big and if you're lucky enough to get a table, you have the option of ordering off a touch screen.

Salmon and cream cheese

Crumbed Prawn

Sashimi ($7.90)

Salmon and Cucumber Roll

Think this one has one of those fancy names (like rainbow roll/volcano roll etc) but cant remember it so I'll just describe whats in it haha


Delicious and only $3. I suggest you order these off the menu because if you take them off the train, theres a chance that theyre not fresh or crispy.

Soft shell crab and omelette hand roll

Spicy grilled scallop sushi

Beancurd sushi

OK I don't know what these are called but I dont really like them. The beancurd is sweet and its basically rice wrapped in sweet tofu/beancurd.

Raw scallop sushi

Chicken, avocado and cheese sushi

If you like sushi, you'll love sushi hotaru. The menu is massive and at $3, you'll be so stuffed afterwards you'll have to waddle home.

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  1. i love sushi hotaru esp the aburi salmon!

  2. The beancurd one is inari-zushi. Thanks for the review!