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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Longrain, Thai, Sydney

Longrain Restaurant & Bar

85 Commonwealth Street Sydney

9280 2888

Thank you to the lovely J for dinner tonight :) I am very lucky to have such an amazing friend.

Longrain is a modern Thai restaurant that serves authentic Thai food with a fine dining twist. I never used to think that the words 'authentic", thai' and 'fine dining' would ever go hand in hand but tonight has definitely changed all that. Longrain is chic (I mean.. come on, it sits inside an old converted warehouse) and the food is absolutely spectacular.

Eggnet with pork, prawn, peanuts, bean sprouts & sweet vinegar ($31)

This dish blew me away. There was just so much flavour.. I would love to learn how to match flavours together like this. The prawns, pork, peanuts, bean sprouts etc.. everything complemented each other perfectly. The only thing that I couldn't taste was the egg (haha).

Caramelised Pork hock with five spice and chilli vinegar ($33.50)

J recommended this and it was delicious. The pork hock was crunchy - not crispy like the way pork belly is. The problem with pork belly is that its just crispy fat which is really really unhealthy. At least with crunchy pork hock its crispy meat and not crispy fat. Anyways .. I think this is slightly healthier than pork belly. It tastes better than pork belly too :)

We couldn't finish the pork hock or the egg nett and we were so full. But we ordered dessert anyways!

After much debate we decided on the Thai Chaos, coconut jelly, black sticky rice, tapoica and custard apple ($16.50)

How good does that look? Its like triple layer happiness. Whoever said love, fame and fortune makes you happy was wrong. I think the real answer is food..

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  1. crispy pork oh baby get in my belly

  2. i need to get my hands on that eggnet!

  3. mmmh... egg net... that dish incorporates all my favourite food in one.. mmhh... yes u are lucky to have a friend who takes u out to eat... mhmhmhmhmhmh :)

  4. Both of the dishes you ordered look really great...might have to add this place to my wish list. I like the look of the eggnet dish alot (never had an eggnet before).

  5. yum! im going tomorrow night for my sister's 16th, will be ordering both the eggnet & the pock hock :)