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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Big Bite on Pitt, Sandwiches, Sydney

Big Bite on Pitt

250 Pitt St Sydney

Mon- Fri

Lunch only

This place is tiny but everything else about it is big. The sandwiches are HUGE. The line is huge. The wait can take up half your lunch break. But is it worth it? I think so.

I came here with two friends on Wednesday during peak hour at 1pm. The one who brought us to the place raved about it having the best sandwiches. Ever. I think its better than little vienna and it has the same concept- massive sandwiches around $9-$10 all freshly made. But I think the sandwiches are so good because the place is run by an italian (greek?) family where as Little Vienna is franchised/branched out.

Chicken Schnitzel sandwich


Big hey? A 185cm big guy couldnt finish this (haha =p)

Grilled Chicken Sandwich

I ordered this one and it was awesome. I think they use lemon olive oil on the bread and YUMMM it goes perfectly with the grilled chicken. Also theres a tiny bit of tabouli which gives it a fresh herby taste, but not too much to overpower the chicken.

I ate half and was going to keep the other half for afternoon tea but decided 'what the hell' and kept eating. I failed. Miserably. I ate another quarter and didn't even try eating the other quarter for afternoon tea, I was that full. But very satisfied. Next time I think I will go with a friend and share half a sandwich.. an entire one is just too much for a girl like me =p

Also! In case any one else does their dry cleaning in the city, I noticed the dry cleaners across this cafe had just opened up and were doing a 5 shirts for $12 opening special.

Definitely a place to try if you have a sandwich craving. I also recommend you get here early.. we waited about 20-25 minutes in the line and for the food. But it was worth it :)

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