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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Lindemans, Hunter Valley


MacDonalds Road
Polbokin, Hunter Valley

Happy Easter everyone!! So what did you guys do on the long weekend? Shop at the new Zara? Eat your heart out? Me? I went to the Hunter Valley for some wine tasting. Unfortunately traffic was so congested that our party of eight only had time to try Lindemans' wines. But for me, that's more than enough.

We didnt plan ahead so it was extremely lucky that one of our group knew some of the staff at Lindemans. So instead of being pushed and shoved by other tourists there for the free wine, we had our own private tasting.

We were treated to about ten different types of white, sparkling, red and dessert wines.

Wine wines
NP LPV Pinot Sparkling (France) and 2010 Secret Stone Sauvignon Blanc (NZ)

Red Wines
1999 Hunter Valley 'Steven' Shiraz

This was really interesting.. it was full bodied and fruity. It was also very earthy and you can actually see the grape residue at the bottom of the wine glass.

We also tried a few other types of red wine but all the photos look the same haha so I'm not going to upload them.

Dessert Wines
Lindemans 2010 Juliet Moscato, 2006 Wolf Blass Gold Botrytis Semillon and Lindemans 15 year old Grand Tawny

I actually ended up taking the Juliet Moscato and Wolf Blass home. I admit that I know nothing about wine, which is probably why I liked the sweet ones the best. But neverless I really enjoyed the experience and would definitely recommend it. The four hours drive was worth it :)

Since it was Easter they gave us easter eggs to go with the old grand tawny.. Yum. Chocolate Liquor. Best way to end the Easter long weekend.

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