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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Taste Baguette Cafe, Market Street Sydney

Taste Baguette
Market Street (next to Myer entrance)

If you're looking for a nice, decent and yummy place for brunch in the Sydney, the CBD is probably the worst place to go. You'll most likely end up at a tourist trap eating crappy food at rip off prices. I've yet to find a good breakfast/brunch place within 10minutes walking distance of Town Hall Station. I've been to the Grace Cafe, MoS cafe, Palate cafe.. numerous random cafes along George, Pitt, Clarence and Kent streets and none of them have really stood out. Which brings me to the moral of the story- dont expect a good breakfast in the CBD. But coffee in the CBD is okay. This post is about coffee :)

Anyhoos so what do three sexy young ladies do on a chilly Sunday afternoon? Chat at a cafe over coffee ofcourse :) On weekends most of the better cafes are closed so we decided to go to the Taste Baguette cafe on Market Street. The cafe uses campos coffee which has a smoother richer taste.

Side note: Do not ever go to the Taste cafe in World Square. I've been there numerous times, and although I loved it the first time, each subsequent visit thereafter was downright sh*t. I've had to wait 20 minutes for a coffee at 8am in the morning (hello? peak hour? 20 minutes is unacceptable). I've had orders forgotten. The second last time I went the lady who made my order burnt by toast. And it was obviously burnt and you know what she friggin did? She got a knife and scraped off the burnt bits and had the nerve to butter it and serve it to me. I was so angry after that, but late for work that I just ate the damned thing anyways. Anyways the last straw was when I went for breakfast and ordered an eggs benedict baguette and waited a very long time only to get a baguette without any hollandaise sauce. Boy was I pissed. So I refuse to ever return to the World Square Taste cafe.

But anyways- the Market Street one was alot better. Seemed like it was being run by a lot more competent people than the imbeciles at World Square.

Skim Cappuccino $4.00 eat in

Green tea and chocolate macaroons $2.50 each.

The coffee was good, the service was fine and the location is very handy so I actually quite liked this place. I would recommend this place for coffee- although I havent tried the baguettes. Actually I've been burned too many times by Taste in general that I dont think I'll ever try the baguettes again.

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