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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunflower Taiwanese Gourmet, Taiwanese, Ultimo

Sunflower Taiwanese Gourmet
147 George Street Broadway

9211 5298

cash only

I stumbled across this restaurant about two months ago. I normally avoid Taiwanese food because I find it too oily and the taste a little repetitive but this place is different. I think its one of the better Taiwanese restaurants in Sydney. The place had this undeniable Japanese twist. Firstly, like most Jap restaurants, Sunflower's windows are filled with plates of glistening plastic food. (drool) Secondly the restaurant is also a 'crepe cafe' and serves dessert & savoury crepes. How many taiwanese restaurants do that?

The place is packed with people all wanting a cheap and yummy feed. Don't worry, the restaurant is not full of UTS students. Its actually a good mix of locals and students and the adventurous Caucasian.

Marinated Chicken with rice, side veges, pumpkin and tea egg.

When I ordered this I asked the dumbest question. 'Hi, Is the chicken Hainanese marinated chicken?" The waitress looked at me like I was crazy. Haha, so my friends.. No. The chicken is not hainanese marinated chicken. Its a bit soy sauce ginger ish, the type your mum would make. Anyways... YUM. This was good. I ate the plate clean (and wish I ordered another one sigh)

Sunflower Special Beef Noodles Soup

I only got a tiny taste of this one because the bf was hungry and was being stingy in sharing >=(. Yes I'm looking at you hun. For a reason though.. for beef noodle soup this was pretty damn good. The soup was flavoursome and rich and the noodles were perfectly cooked. I only wish there was more noodles :( The bowl is huge but mostly soup really. Yum though.

We were really hungry so we actually ordered the steamed dumplings.. and ate them without taking a photo sigh.

Verdict- Definitely recommended if you're after lunch/dinner under $10

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