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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Churrasco, Brazilian, Coogee


240 Coogee Bay Road

9665 6535

Coogee is an amazing Sydney suburb. It has a gorgeous beach surrounded by restaurants, cafes and parks. It also has one of the best Brazilian bbq buffets in Sydney. Churrasco is basically you sit down and waiters come around with skewers (or plates) of meat and its all you-can-eat. Sounds pretty good hey?

Everyone has to order the $38 menu (Even vegetarians) but there are salad and side options you can get on top of the $38 inclusive menu. Otherwise the $38menu includes brazilian rice, black beans and creamy potato.


Black beans and potato

The potato was a bit gross actually.. it was really gloggy and creamy and I couldnt eat it. Really wished they had some salad leaves or something as a side option.

Chimichurri, vinaigrette and farofa

The chimichurri and vinaigrette were quite nice and went well as sauces for the meats. I had no idea what the farofa was though LOL

Chorizo and chicken hearts


Ham with mustard

This was really good! I had a few servings of this :)

Think this was lamb..

Grilled pineapple with cinnamon

This was deliciously. Sweet, crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. Its also good to eat this after your meal because pineapple helps you digest all the meat you've just consumed.


Grilled zucchini

Anyways I didn't take photos of every type of meat because they all sort of look the same and I started to forget which photos were which. But the food was great. My favourites were the cheesy bread, the grilled cheese, the chicken hearts (hehe), the chorizo, the sirloin and the spicy chicken. Oh and the pineapple. Actually everything was pretty much was really good. The meats were all good quality.

The service was really good and all the waitresses/waiters didnt mind that I made them hold the plate while I took a photo (or photos). Thanks :)

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  1. A popular place that is great value for meat lovers. I have to return as I haven't been for years.

  2. im so overdue for brazillian buffet! last time i went was 10 years ago *shock* that sirloin looks so perfectly cooked!