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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sushi Tei, Japanese, Sydney

Sushi Tei

1 Chifley Square


9232 7288

The last time I went to Sushi Tei was about a year and a half ago so when I went for dinner on Friday night I didn't really know what to expect. Had the menu changed? Were the waitresses still the same as those from Sushi Rio? (Last time I went, I recognised all these waitresses from Sushi Rio!! Maybe they're owned by the same joint?) Could we get a table for four on a Friday night without booking? Thankfully yes. One of my pet hates is waiting for food... I cannot understand how people can line up at Mamak. Why would anyone line up for an hour to eat.. let alone line up for Malaysian food??? The moment I start queuing up I get grumpy and annoyed.

Maybe this is why I've never managed to take a proper photo of the ribs at Hurricanes. Each and every single time (including lunch on Saturday) I have cut into the ribs and happily gobbled away without taking a photo. I went to lunch on Hurricanes and was so bad that I didn't even realise I was supposed to take a photo until I was already three quarters through :(

Anyways so Sushi Tei..

We ordered the Aburi Salmon Roll.. I think this is a crab stick, soft shell crab and grilled salmon roll. It was very good.

We also ordered the King Prawn Roll which is king prawn tempura and avocado but obviously I failed to take a photo. I was too hungry :( sad.

Salmon roll topped with cod roe mayonnaise

Okay I don't actually know what the name of this sushi dish was so I'm really just describing what was on it. Oh dear lord this was good. Thank you E & J for ordering TWO of these per person, these made my day. Cod roe mayonnaise may sound gross but I swear its friggin delicious. Have you tried the volano roll at kobe jones? Well this was basically that but instead of a scallop base, its a salmon base. Yum! I am so coming back just to eat this. Nom nom.

I secretly wanted to take this plate and run. And eat it alone without sharing muahahahah

Oh by the way- Kobe Jones is having their all you can eat sushi deal again. Its lunch only, mon-wed and is now $29.50 instead of $25 in case anyone was interested.

Grilled Scallops with cheese

Again, I have no idea what the proper name of this dish is and I'm just describing what it tasted like. This was good- so good that we ordered it twice haha! Gosh we are such fatties.

Chicken Katsu Curry

Wagyu Beef Hotpot

The soup base was a little bit too sweet but the waiter was nice enough to dilute it for us. Wagyu very tender.

In the end I think we ordered too much but who cares, it was worth the calories.

Yummy for my tummy. An experience thoroughly enjoyed and a restaurant that I will return to.

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