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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Mamasita, Mexican, Melbourne


Level 1, 11 Collins Street Melbourne

No Bookings, Arrive early

I had planned my trip to Melbourne around the best eateries and Mamasita was on the top of that list. I've heard so many rave reviews about the tacos, the tequila and the corn that I just had to see it for myself.

We arrived early (or late, depending on whether its lunch or dinner) at about 4pm and easily found a table.

The interior is spacious with lots of barstools but I get the feeling during rush hour this place would be packed.

I love this menu. Un Tequila? Yes please!

Elotes callejeros (v) Primeros ($4.40)
'Street Style‛ chargrilled corn, queso, chipotle mayonnaise & lime

Dear Lord. This was fricking amazing. To be honest.. this was probably my favourite dish in the whole entire Melbourne trip. The corn is juicy, sweet, crispy and when combined with the mayonnaise- so deliciously good. At $4.4 each, these are worth every cent and more. SOOO good.

de Cangrejo Tostaditas ($15)
Crab meat, avocado, cucumber,
mayonnaise & red chilli

This was cold so it wasnt too nice as I found the crab meat was very squishy (pardon my lack of creativity). Seriously.. the only way to describe the crab was 'squishy'. Not bad I guess.

de Chorizo Tacos ($5)
Chorizo, cabbage, chipotle,
coriander & onion


de Camarones Tacos ($7)
Marinated prawns, habanero, chillis and chipotle almond salsa

Amazing. I liked this better than the chorizo taco.. for me this prawns were sumptuous, light and very fresh. Although both were very delicious.

de Pollo Quesadillas ($14)
Chargrilled chicken with ‘picode gallo’, coriander & queso fresco

A quesadilla is a filled tortilla and I was pretty happy with this one. I actually really wanted to try the mexican truffle and mushroom quesadilla but by this point was very full & conscious of one's expanding waist line.

Overall I really enjoyed Mamasita. The food (read- corn) was delicious. I hear that Sydney's El Loco is a bit like Mamasita and I cannot wait to try it out.

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