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Friday, June 3, 2011

Glass Brasserie, Hilton, Sydney

Glass Brasserie

Level 2, 488 George Street Sydney

Hilton Hotel

So today I took a day off, time in lieu, and started it off with buffet breakfast at the Glass Brasserie Hilton Hotel Sydney. What better way to start a three day weekend other than to feast on a humongous breakfast range?

Its nearing the end of my rotation and soon I will be moving to our office near King St Wharf .. for four whole months. No more Hunter Connection lunches, Jimmy's hainan chicken and food from Pitt St mall :( Sad..

But its okay, its good because it means now I can actually get back in shape! I feel like lately all I've been doing is eat (which ironically is why I blog) and I cannot handle all this gluttony. I must cut down on excessively high calorie foods and up the ante on gym classes.

Anyways so back to breakfast. Waaahhh so good lah!! I arrived early and spent a good 10 minutes walking around taking photos. Its so nice to have good lighting and seriously, I should just blog about breakfast and lunch because most of my dinner photos turn out sh!t.

Restaurant interior

Wine Bar

I wonder how they get the wine bottles from the very top... ladder maybe? Or maybe they are just for show and you don't actually GET them... just like the fish in Chinese restaurant tanks.

Fresh juices

Didnt get to try any of these but from memory they had pineapple, orange, mango, apple etc

Cereal and fresh fruit bar

Spot the mangos

Freshly squeezed juices

AAAHH!! These were fantastic. The glass with the fruit shows you whats in the fruit juice mixes and I tried the Dragon fruit, orange, watermelon, rockmelon and pineapple one and also the mango and wheatgrass one. The mango and wheatgrass one was really good! The lady at this stall was very sweet and I think you can also make your own juice and choose your own fruits.

Fruit Bar

Strawberries, Grapes, Pineapples, Rockmelon, Honeydew and Watermelon

Super vege shots

I've never even heard of carrot or beetroot shot. Sounds too weird for me. I gave the wheatgrass shot a go and didn't mind the taste. L tried the beetroot shot.. didnt seem like it was very enjoyable.

Asian Breakfast Bar

Actually more like japanese breakfast bar.. no congee here.

Cheese platter

Cheese for breakfast? Really? Is that normal?

Cold Items Breakfast Bar

Look at the tubs of Philadelphia cream cheese! I love food that comes in individual portion sizes. So cute. Its cute like how baby socks are so adorable and cute :)

Salmon, capers and cream cheese on mini breakfast roll was delish.

Yoghurt .. and Yakult

I was shocked to see Yakult here.. I didn't expect it to be a popular breakfast item. I had to get one. Also tried the guava yoghurt which didn't taste anything like yoghurt. Taste like guava puree which is alot better than yoghurt. For all the yoghurt enthusiasts out there, don't worry- they have three yoghurt choices with like muesli, fruits and ecetera

Grilled Mushrooms

Crispy Bacon


Roasted tomato and spinach, hash browns, french toast, grilled peaches and poached eggs

Pastries ..

I didn't get to try any of these but they look great

My drinks!

Lightly sparkling mount franklin (couldn't find any still), mango and wheatgrass juice and yakult.

By the way they also make coffees and teas to order- the proper barista types. Super duper happy.

My Breakfast No #1

Another breakfast plate (not mine)..

Okay.. this one I will admit is mine..

Glass is a fantastic place to have buffet breakfast if you have a few spare hours in the morning. The fresh fruit/juice/made to order options are so vast and great tasting and the service is superb. Love the made to order coffee and tea options. Definitely recommended!

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