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Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Cupcake Bakery, Cupcakes, QVB Sydney

The Cupcake Bakery

Lower ground, Shop 2 QVB

It was the last day of our rotation and we wanted to give our team members a token of our appreciation for putting up with us for four months. We decided on cupcakes as ourdeal had a offer of a dozen mixed cupcakes for $20 which is great value as the cupcakes are HUGE and normally $3-$4.50 each.

Cupcakes! Red velvet, Choc-choc, carrot, sticky date, strawberry vanilla, lemon and poppyseed and vanilla

Gourmet Cupcakes! Profiterole, molten chocolate, rocky road, tiramisu, meringue, strawberry cheesecake and a snowy looking one

I had a very confusing conversation with the service guy while choosing the gourmet cupcakes. He goes 'what cupcakes would you like? we have 6 gourmet types so you can get 2 of each'. I was thinking 'Huh? But I get 12 in total so how do I get to choose??'. Epic communication fail. So I thought he gave me two of each but later when I opened the box OMG he ripped me off! Swapped one of my profiterole with some crappy white coconut one >=(. So stingy.

We received good reviews so I assume they were all nice.. I didnt get to try any because I was still so full from yum cha. Either way they look absolutely delicious (except for that one random snowy white one)

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