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Monday, October 3, 2011

Vessel Italian & Bar, Sydney and Sunday Night Easy Listening

Vessel Italian & Bar

1 Shelley Street Sydney
Macquarie Group Building

9295 5070

I've been listening to a lot of Adam Levine lately (Stereo hearts, moves like jagger & won't go home without you). He makes me feel like a teenage fangirl again! hahaha. Anyways I'm going to choose Wont Go Home Without You as this week's song because this is like an awesome song to sing to with friends when you're all drunk.

Now back to business.
Vessel Italian & Bar is the restaurant downstairs of the Macquarie 'cube' building.. It actually does really good pizzas (which are half price on Wednesdays at the bar).

I don't think very many people know about the restaurant since there were quite a few empty tables. Its actually a really nice restaurant and very close to King Street wharf.

We order the mojito and espresso martini to start. After trying the espresso martini, I immediately regretted ordering my mojito. The espresso martini was really yummy!

Salt cod & potato croquettes with aoili ($12)

I didnt like this :( I dont like salt cod, it tasted really fishy and weird. Bad choice.

Seared scallops with artichoke puree, almonds and breadcrumbs ($19.50)

This was quite nice except a little overcooked.

Buffalo mozzarella with eggplant, pine nuts, green olives, tomato & basil ($17.50)

Seared kingfish with squid, globe artichokes, peas and kifler potatoes ($34.50)

The kingfish was cooked really well and I was surprised by how big the portion was. However the artichokes were tough and chewy and I dont think they cut out the artichoke heart properly.

Pan roasted duck breast with baby beetroot, beans, watercress & walnuts ($33)

This was not too bad.. The watercress was a bit bitter and I think this dish needs something sweet to add a different depth of flavour.

The Good: Espresso martini, the gourmet pizzas, friendly service and the location

The Bad: I've learned that I do not like salt cod.

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  1. yeah the scallops do looked overcooked. nice to hear the kingfish turned out well