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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

District Dining, Modern Australian

District Dining

17 Randle Street

Central, Sydney

9211 7798

I've been looking forward to fooding at District Dining for months. When a few friends agreed to celebrate the end of exam (singular) by giving District Dining a go, I didn't hesitate to book lunch four weeks in advance (haha).

The restaurant is in Surry Hills but to be honest, its actually opposite Central Station. This is great in terms of convenience (wooo no need to organise car pool pick up/drop off).

Apologise for the slightly lopsided photos. We were given 20 minutes to order before the kitchen closed, hence less focus on photo taking and more focus on menu ordering.

We share the Kingfish, wasabi pannacotta, quinoa and ponzu ($19)

Can I just say that YES! this does taste as beautiful as it looks. Wasabi pannacotta?! What an ingenius idea. I actually thought this was wasabi mayonnaise at first but it didn't have the right texture for mayonnaise. Absolutely gorgeous AND delicious. Must try.

We also order the Crispy Pork Belly, asian style salad, chilli and peanuts ($24). This reminds me of Longrain's eggnet salad. This was refreshing, crunchy and very flavoursome. Recommended by Miss Piggy :) I don't know how to write the code for links so please refer to the side bar for foodie blog links! (IT fail.)

The mushroom risotto, truffled marscapone and parmesan crisp ($25) is the best damned risotto I've ever had. Creamy risotto rice grains covered in buttery marscapone. Mushrooms galore. Delicious.

And what better way to accompany a meal AND reward oneself for finishing an exam other than by eating hot chips. Reminds me of High School :)

French Fries ($7)

The Good: The Mushroom Risotto, the Kingfish and the Pork Belly. Wow 3/3 stand out dishes. Kitchen for lunch opens until 3pm. Modern interior. Great value $75 for 3!

The Bad: Nothing I can think of :)

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  1. I had the risotto when I went here, but I was kind of envious of hubby's pork salad. Next time I'm having the pork salad.

  2. I have to say, I haven't had a bad dish at District Dining either mm must go back for that risotto!

  3. whoa that kingfish looks so delicious!

  4. It is!! If that's true Viv then I cant wait to come back and try the rest of the dishes :) And Rina YES!! it is delicious. I'm like in love with this place. Thanks again for the recommendation MissPiggy

  5. Love District Dining. The risotto looks really good, haven't had that.