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Saturday, September 24, 2011

ZenQ Desserts, Desserts, Chatswood

ZenQ Desserts

Level 2, Victoria Street Entrance
Westfield Shoppingtown Chatswood

It seems like asian style dessert houses are all the rage.

ZenQ is a Taiwanese dessert restaurant which has launched its first Australian restaurant in Westfield Chatswood. Currently there are 10 ZenQ restaurants in Taiwan, Taipei, Hong Kong and Macau and it is the first restaurant to launch outside of Asia.

There were some pretty strange things on the menu. For example.. tuna salad toast dessert. Weird. If anyone has ever tried this please let me know how it was.. I'm both curious but also slightly disgusted.


We order the watermelon and mango shaved ice ($8.80) which was probably a bad choice. Thanks A.C! BTW remember to invite us to your future yacht parties when you're CEO ok? :D

How did it taste? Like sugar and ice + hundreds and thousands. Not particularly interesting. Personally I found ZenQ overrated.. but that might have been because we didn't try any of the traditional desserts.

The Good: Taiwanese dessert house and wide variety of desserts

The Bad: Overpriced for whats on offer. The oolong tea drink was around $7.


  1. Gah, that toast with the tuna does look a tad...gah!

  2. tuna salad honey toast...

    they should just go all out and make a tuna and mango danish or something

  3. yeah i know!! reminds me of when rachel makes a beef pie/berry trifle haha :)

  4. lol friends reference. nice. good episode that one.