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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Arisun, Korean, Sydney

Arisun Korean Restaurant

1 Dixon Street Sydney

Arisun is a popular Korean restaurant towards the Town Hall end of Dixon Street. Its famous for its korean fried chicken which you must try if you come here. Its always packed and has a lively atmosphere.

We start off with some soju and korean sides. Normally most korean joints will offer you about 3-5 side dishes to go with your meal- usually pickled radish, kimchi, seaweed, beansprouts and sometimes even pickled fish. Sadly Arisun only had kimchi :(

Spicy Seafood Soup with Rice

We wanted something 'mild' but still chilli so we ordered this dish thinking that the rice will be in a separate bowl. But how wrong, the rice was at the bottom of this bowl and completely soaked in chilli soup. Only J managed to eat this- it was too chilli for the rest of us.

Black Bean noodles with seafood


Omg so chilli! I only mixed in half the bimbibap sauce but my lips were like numb after eating a bit of this.

Beef and vegetables hot pot

This was slightly too sweet for me. But it wasn't chilli so I ate it anyways haha.

Spicy sizzling hot plate

This was incredibly chilli. Look at that bright red colour! I love how they topped this with bonito flakes :) So delicious.

Korean Soy Sauce Crispy Chicken

Yum! Highlight dish of the night. Perfectly juicy, crispy and succulent.

Seafood pancake

J, our resident Korean, thought it was incredibly cute how each slice of pancake had one prawn.

I love korean food- cheap and cheerful and you can never go wrong. Worked out to be $20 per person and we had too much food. Although only thing I dont like is bimbibap- I find it really plain. But if you like korean you must try Arisun :)

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