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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Wagaya, Japanese, Sydney

Wagaya Japanese Restaurant

Level 1 78-86 Harbour Street Haymarket

9212 6068

Wagaya is a cute Japanese Restaurant in heart of Chinatown well known for having 'touch screen' menus. Its been opened for quite a while now and although other Japanese restaurants have also jumped on the bandwagon of touch screens, it is still extremely popular. If you're trying to make a booking- goodluck. They're only opened after 5pm and only take bookings after this time. And even then, you'll be lucky to get anyone to pick up your phone. I remembered that they also have a mobile number that you could sms your booking to, but can't remember the number.

We arrived on a weekday night at 7pm and waited about 20 minutes for a table.

Touch screen menus

Normal Menus

Fried Rice with garlic and scallops

This is served on a hot plate so the rice is nice and crispy. A carb lover's dream.

Chicken Gristle

I love this! The gristle is like the cartilage bit near the wishbone. Deep fried and drizzle over with some lemon and its delicious.


Deep fried japanese potato balls with octopus

Adegashi Tofu

Lightly deep fried tofu served with dashi and bonito flakes.

Grilled Salmon Sushi

Half grilled scallops and salmon sushi

The service is okay and prices are reasonable. Its usually around $20 pp unless you order something crazy like the lobster sashimi @ $120. The servings are small so you get to share and try different things but to be honest the food is average. Still its worth trying if you've never been but don't expect the food to wow you away.

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