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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Ms G's, Vietnamese, Potts Point

Ms G's
155 Victoria Street Potts Point
8313 1000

Note: D reviewed this restaurant.

So its Saturday night which means a night out at the newest hottest place on the dining scene. Ever since Dan Hong's chiffon cake was featured on Masterchef, Ms G's is like the coolest kid on the block. But does it stand up to the reputation? Is it any good?

D & 3 other friends planned ahead and arrived early enough to avoid waiting for a table. I've heard the wait can be up to an hour if you go during 6-7pm.

Ms G's is predominantly vietnamese with a western fusion influence. I'm always skeptical about these asian western fusion restaurants because authentic asian food is cheap and simple and western food is neither cheap or simple.


I love these cups! They're so cute.

Mini bánh mì- crisp pork belly or chicken katsu ($6ea)

This was basically a mini vietnamese pork roll. Crusty bread filled with lettuce and pork.

Fried baby chicken, Kimchi Mayonnaise (half $15 whole $25)

A bit small for a whole chicken. Otherwise very tasty.

Char-grilled Angus scotch fillet, two sauces: hoisin mustard & smoked tomato salsa ($32)

QLD spanner crab, broccolini, silken tofu, shellfish dashi ($24)

Pandan chiffon cake, strawberries, coconut sorbet ($12)

This was the dish of the night. I can see why Dan Hong chose this as the 'signature dish'- to D this stood out.


Lets start off by saying that the food was good. The only disappointment was that the portion sizes were way too small. The bill came to $220 for a table of 4 but it could have easily been alot more expensive. You could go to any vietnamese restaurant in cabramatta and find half the menu on offer for a quarter of the cost compared to Ms G's- but then again when you go to Ms G's you're paying for the atmosphere and the 'Dan Hong' brand. If you're willing to pay $50-$100 for that, then yes- I would recommend it. But otherwise I don't think we will be returning to this restaurant. There are other vietnamese fusion restaurants that I think pulls off the concept better- for one La Mint in Surry Hills.

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  1. im still dying to try the pandan cake dessert!

  2. I agree with the prices, it is pretty steep for what they are, but that pandan dessert is definitely worth it!! :D