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Monday, September 19, 2011

Cafe Cya, Korean

Cafe Cya

G2 624 George Street Sydney
(In the alleyway between MacDonalds and the Metro Hotel)

Do you like Korean food? I'm sort of going through a Korean food phase and Cafe Cya is one of my favourite Korean restaurants in the city. The food is always good however the service is sometimes questionable.. You've got to find your own table, ask repeatedly for water and chase up on your order as they are likely to forget/lose it. But the food is good and cheap so I don't mind. You get what you pay for right?

Complimentary side dishes

These are refillable and unlimited (by the way). OH and Cafe Cya is BYO.

Fish Roe and Tofu Hotpot

I love this! I usually order this when I eat Korean haha. The soup is sooo tasty and has just the right amount of chill without burning my throat. I love the texture of cooked fish roe.

Japchae with Beef

This is Korean potato starch noodles with beef and vegetables. I've actually never had beef japchae before but this was really yummy! There's more flavour than seafood japchae as the bulgogi sauce (I think its that?) is infused into the japchae. Really yummy

Chilli Marinated Chicken

This was really tasty and addictive! I don't know how they marinate their chicken but eating this reminds me of the happy feeling you get after eating a full blown MSG meal.

The Good: Cheap! Three dishes for $40. Yummy food and unlimited free side dishes

The Bad: Service is often reminiscent of an Government agency..

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  1. hehehe i love this place, even though the food isn't spectacular theres something homely about it.

    with sydney going through a laneway craze does this one count as being trendy?? lol

  2. You got to wonder about this places with super dodgy bad service...but if the food is good I'll let it slide too.

  3. Aww the food is really good :) give it a try. the waitresses/waiters do need to learn how to smile though

  4. wonderful recipes! I want to make this dish for a party, but have to make it early. How do you suggest I warm it up before the party starts?