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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Kam Fook, Yumcha, Chatswood

Kam Fook

Shop 600, Level 6
Westfield Shoppingtown
28 Victor Street Chatswood

How was everyone's weekend? Hope everyone had a swell weekend :)

You know Kanye only needs 1minute and 43seconds to go from gangster to pure freakin awesomeness. Which brings me to this Sunday's song. Its not particularly good but it will leave you thinking 'WTF'. So enjoy :)

Anyways, back to business.

The line for this place was crazy long. We were told it would be a 2 hour wait for a table for 5 but luckily we managed to find an 'express' lane..

Beef tripe (I think)

Think I was the only person who ate this. I was really yummy though!!

Pork and vege dumplings

Chives dumplings

Siu Mai

Rice sticks? (Sorry don't really know the name of this)

Stewed pork

We also ordered a few other dishes but I sort of forgot to take photos. I don't actually know the names of the above dishes.. normally I just point to order haha. Which is why I love my Cantonese friends who do the ordering :)

The Good: Fresh and tasty yum cha. Good variety of dishes on offer

The Bad: Extremely busy on weekends

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