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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sushi Tei (Take Two) and Sunday Night Listening

Sushi Tei (take two)
1 Chifley Square

Remember last time where I said I was pleasantly surprised by Sushi Tei? Well.. I gave Sushi Tei another try on Friday it was disappointing (to say the least). But you know what is surprising? This acoustic version of Sam Sparro's Black and Gold by Katy Perry :) Cute hair bow too

Anyways so Sushi Tei.. where do I start?

The restaurant is big and spacious.. We get seated at the far end of the restaurant but because of this, it was a bit hard to get anyone's attention.

Green Tea

Sashimi Salad

We start with a sashimi salad served with Sushi Tei's special dressing. Urgh this used the cheapest cuts of tuna. I don't even think it was sashimi grade because one piece I got was chewy and sinewy. Gross.

Aburi Sushi Rolls

We order a selection of aburi sushi and receive six of the saddest looking sushi I've ever seen in my life.

Combination Sushi Rolls

This was slightly better than the aburi sushi except for the boiled scallop sushi. That's the third one in the top row.. How depressing does it look? Seriously.. Its shrivelled up and looks like its been sitting around for the past three hours. We didn't even bother eating this one. Actually to be honest, I felt quite sick the next day... So I would definitely recommend you avoid Sushi Tei's sashimi & raw offerings..

Baked Scallops with Cheese

Finally! Something decent. This was good but not as good as the ones I had last time. The last time we had them they were freshly made, however this time they were warm and I think premade.

Salmon Aburi and Crab Meat Roll

Unagi Roll

King Prawn Roll

The three above cooked sushi rolls were okay but nothing fantastic or special.

Adegashi tofu

This was probably the dish of the night (which isn't saying much since its just deep fried tofu in dashi with bonito flakes on top).

Luckily we used an entertainment voucher so the meal worked out to be only $30 per head. However at $40 per head, I wouldn't recommend Sushi Tei. There are much better Japanese restaurants in Sydney.

The Good: Central location (near Chifley Plaza), plenty of seating and hot menu

The Bad: Poor quality sashimi and fresh sushi

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  1. Oh what a bummer - nothing worse than bad sushi, esp if it makes you feel dodgy the next day.

  2. wow thats really depressing. i think they boiled the scallop cause they know it will make ppl sick when raw. will not visit here ever!