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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Chat Thai, Thai, Sydney

Chat Thai

Level 6
Sydney Westfield Pitt St Mall

9221 0600

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So. There is another Chat Thai in Sydney.. I bet the question in your mind is- is the line as long as the Haymarket Chat Thai? Sadly.. Yes. We arrived a little before 7pm but there was already a decent line of people waiting for a table.
Is the food as good? Well.. I think I should leave that up to you guys to decide for yourself..

The menu has improved in the sense that it now offers more than the standard thai fare. Anyways. Still worth trying but I think I like the original better.

Fried de-boned chicken wings sauteed with in smoked chilli jam sauce

De-boned chicken! I love it. No need to awkwardly eat this with your hands. Or a knife/fork. I think people who eat chicken wings with knives & forks are hilarious.

Stir Fried crisp pork belly and wild ginger with red curry paste

Hmmmm.. the pork belly wasn't crispy or crunchy.

Spicy char grilled beef salad

This was very flavoursome..

Crisp whole snapper in roasted chilli and garlic sauce

This was really good! Quite spicy but if you enjoy chilli this is really yummy. This and the chicken wings were my 2 favourite dishes of the night.

Red curry of roasted duck with pineapple and holy basil

Overall? It was okay. I guess you get what you pay for.. All up the bill worked out to be $25 each which was quite reasonable since we ordered 5 mains. Not much to say honestly as the experience was quite average.

The Good: The location, price

The Bad: the lines..

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