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Monday, October 10, 2011

Chophouse Meat Masterclass, Sydney


25 Bligh Street Sydney

1300 246 748

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I have a confession to make. I like steak. Okay, thats a bit of an understatement. I love steak. If I'm eating out at a restaurant, there is a one in two chance I'll order steak.

Why you ask? Well one reason is because eating steak makes me happy (steak does to me what chocolate does to normal people).. but to be honest the real reason is because I cannot cook a decent steak to save my life. Until now.

I was luckily enough to get tickets to Chophouse's Meat Masterclass which was fun, entertaining and educational. Thanks to Chophouse for the tickets :)

On arrival we were greeted by Eric Tan, Head Chef and Stu, Sous Chef of the Chophouse Restaurant. Eric was an amazing host and his passion for food really showed. Everytime he explained or showed us how to do something about food, his eyes would light up. He was also extremely welcoming and even made us coffee while we were waiting for the last few bloggers. :)

First up we were given a short overview about the suppliers of the best steaks, different types of cuts, the difference between those cuts and different cooking methods. Remember when I said Eric & Stu were amazing hosts? Haha they even demonstrated where the different cuts of steak are from.

Eric then introduced us to the tomahawk, a massive full rib steak on the bone. I think this one weighed 1.2kilograms.

We were then given a run through of how the steaks are prepared and cooked. The entire process is quite meticulous, from carefully apportioning and weighing each steak to testing the temperature of each steak before resting.

The Chophouse Restaurant was one of the first steakhouses in Sydney to use a broiler (the Chophouse's one is affectionately named George) to cook its steaks. Using a broiler means less cooking time and also the steaks are more likely to be consistently cooked. But exactly how many people own a broiler? I mean they cost $65k! So because of that, we learned the different methods of cooking steak and how you can even cook a perfect steak in your own home.

D & I getting ready to get our hands dirty

We learned how to cook steak on a pan, on a chargrill and got an idea of how to cook steak with a broiler.

George, the mean steak cooking machine

To be honest.. with all this cooking I was starting to get hungry! I think everyone else felt the same way too. Imagine ten hungry food bloggers descending on ten perfectly cooked steaks and one pork chop..

The steak cooked in the broiler definitely won over the others. It was so much more juicy and also it was consistently cooked on the inside and nicely seared on the outside. All the steaks were delicious though! It just goes to show that you can cook the perfect steak with any equipment, as long as you control the temperature properly.

We were then spoiled even further with a take home carepack from the Chophouse restaurant, each with a steak for us to cook at home, some instructions and a block of delicious honeycomb chocolate (which I have since demolished).

Thank you so much to the team from Chophouse. I had such a wonderful time.. So much that I made a reservation for dinner that night hehe.. but that is another blog post :)

And just to finish this post, I would like to share with you 8 steps to cook the perfect steak, courtesy of the Chophouse. We tried this at home on Monday and believe it or not, I think I can finally cook steak properly :)

The trick was to use an oven.


  1. lol - I have the 8-setp program from Chophouse too. We sound like meat addicts... :P

  2. I feel this way about butter

    those 8 steps will sure come in handy though... and best of all its free!

  3. omg how good was the chocolate and the juicy steaks..*drools*

  4. arent u lucky.. coook us a good steak one day :P

  5. Wow, your photos made me drool. I'm becoming a steak fanatic too...