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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Azuma Sugarhit

Azuma Kushiyaki Bar & Grill
Sydney International Food Festival- Sugarhit Event

501 George Street

9267 7775

You've just got to love Sydney sometimes. Not only do we have some of the best restaurants in the world, we also spend a whole month (Yes guys. A whole frickin' month) celebrating food. Food oh glorious food. So if you haven't made arrangements yet, definitely check out the website and maybe try a Sugarhit, Lets do lunch or a pop up dinner. And please tweet me about how it went!

And when this is all over in November we can all talk about how badly we should join a gym.

So on Friday a few of the bloggers and I (the lovely sugarpuffi, misskilicious, vxdollface, ayana, the creamy middles, idreaminchoc) went to check out Azuma's Sugarhit. (This is the one near the cinemas, not the Chifley Azuma btw)

The sugarhit was a selection of Asian desserts served with either Brown Brothers dessert wine or green tea for $20. Obviously I got the dessert wine :)

Anmitsu (Assorted seasonal fruits, tapioca pearls, shiratama rice dumplings covered in kinako powder served with Japanese brown sugar syrup) and Hand-made white sesame ice cream.

The anmitsu was absolutely gorgeous. This was by far the best dessert of the night. The fruits were so fresh and the flavours were light but intense at the same time. Go good! The white sesame ice cream was also good but quite unusual because this was the first time I've tried white sesame ice cream. It also wasn't very sweet.

Sake sample, Japanese green tea tiramisu (shochu soaked sponge fingers layered with mascarpone, fresh cream & matcha powder), handcrafted chocolate (dark & milk chocolate praline with caramel ganache enrobed in dark chocolate with an explosive finish) and sake sponge bliss (bite sized morsels of butter cake soaked in fine japanese sake)

The chocolate was literally explosive. Hidden within the chocolate was little bits of those like popping candy bits.. really fun to eat :) The green tea tiramisu was really indulgent and rich. The only one I didn't really like was the sake sponge bliss.. I wasn't really feeling the bliss with that one.

I had a lovely time and thanks to Betty for inviting me. The SIFF festival only runs for October so if you haven't a sugarhit yet, get booking! Enjoy :)

The Good: Getting that sugar high and then being hyperactive for the next few hours

The Bad: They dont let you share the sugarhit, so everyone has to get one. Lame because one sugarhit is big enough for two people.

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  1. lovely to meet you! was an awesome dessert, ahh *dreams*

  2. naww~thanks for the special mention. what to do..i want to go back again! loved the anmitsu too