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Monday, October 3, 2011

New Shanghai, Chinese, Chatswood

New Shanghai

Lower Ground Level,
Chatswood Chase

9412 3358

Bookings only on Mondays-Wednesdays

I didn't realise New Shanghai had so many branches around Sydney. I guess the good thing is that if you're ever craving a dumpling fix, you've got four different suburb options :) Chatswood, Ashfield, Bondi Junction and Charlestown Square. Huh. Thats really random since Charlestown Square is a regional shopping centre near Lake Macquarie..

If you like Shanghainese food, dumplings or just chinese food in general, you've got to hit up New Shanghai :) I remember there was a period of time where I was addicted with this place and went like five times a month.

We order two soups to start off with because 1) the hot & sour soup is really yummy, and 2) it was a cold night. These were $4.80 from memory.

Chicken and Corn Soup

Hot & Soup Soup with pork and prawns

Yay! Xiao Long Bao or otherwise known as Steamed Mini Pork Buns. Dip these in vinegar & soy sauce and enjoy!

Drunken Chicken
I think this is poached chicken in rice wine. The flavour is quite unusual so maybe steer clear unless you've tried this before.

Green Onion Pancake
I didn't get to try this but it looks really nice and crispy.

Jellyfish and beansprout salad

Jellyfish you ask? Yep thats right. I used to eat this all the time at home and never really questioned it until one day I asked my mum 'What's this?'. She said it was seaweed.. haha. But seriously, its quite yummy. Its crunch, light and has no fishy taste.

Shanghainese stir fried noodles with pork and vegetables

Deep fried calamari with salted egg yolk

This was really good! If you like the taste of salted egg yolk, you must order this. Delicious.

Braised pork belly with sweet soy sauce

Deep Fried Chicken with special garlic and chilli sauce

The verdict? Thoroughly enjoyable :) I wish they would open one in the city though.

The Good: Ridiculously cheap- the meal worked out to be $15each. Delicious food.

The Bad: The wait for a table can be quite long.

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