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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Beach Burrito Company, Coogee Beach, Brunch

Beach Burrito Company

260 Coogee Bay Road

I caught up with two good friends today over brunch at Coogee Beach. The weather was kind to us and we chose to catch up at the Beach Burrito Company. I was interested to try it again because the last time I came here (which was around two years ago) the experience was somewhat disappointing.

First of all- what to eat? Theres so many choices during brunch because you've got all the breakfast choices AND all the lunch choices so it takes twice as long to make a decision. Eventually I settled on breakfast and ordered the courtyard's special of smoked salmon and poached eggs.

Our drinks were first to arrive..

Skim Cappucino

Orange Juice

It took an hour later but finally our food arrived.

Pepper grilled asparagus wrapped in smoked salmon served with poached eggs, pancetta, sourdough and hollandaise

Boy was I happy. The poached eggs were perfect- so good. They didn't even drizzle water when you break them apart. I always fail at poached eggs so the only times I ever get poached eggs is at cafes and these were damn good.

All or Nothing- Eggs any style, bacon, field mushrooms, sausages, baked beans and roast tomato served with toast and a creamy pesto sauce

I tried a bit of the bacon from this and realized that I haven't had bacon in like.. six months. Why?! When did I forget that bacon tasted so good?

The serving size was good and W didn't manage to finish her plate.

Overall it was a much better experience than the first. The food and coffee were good and although the service was slow its understandable for Sunday brunch/lunch/breakfast.

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  1. You didn't eat at BBC. You ate next to it....