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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Home Thai, Sydney, Thai

Home Thai

299 Sussex Street Sydney

9261 5058

Every night from 630pm long queues form outside Home Thai. This Thai restaurant opened up around March and has been a hit with Sydneysiders ever since. In fact most of the customers seem to be Thai people, and if the Thai people recommend it, then it must be good right?

I usually get takeaway from Home Thai and eat it at home because the restaurant gets very crowded. Expect to wait up to half an hour during the dinner rush.. and if they try to 'squeeze' your table into a smaller table - ie fit 3 people onto a 2 people table- say no! Its uncomfortable and you'd much rather wait another 10 minutes for a proper table. Otherwise do the right thing and book!

Tom Yum Goong

Spicy Prawn Soup with Mushrooms and Herbs

So spicy. So sour! I did about three spoons of soup before giving up and just eating the prawns and mushrooms.

Look Chin Ping

Grilled skewered chicken balls served with fresh vegetables and spicy sauce

This was $1.50 for 2 skewers. Unbelievable hey?

Pak Ka Na Moo Grob

Stir fried crispy pork belly, fresh chilli, chinese brocolli, green beans and oyster sauce.

This dish almost makes me think that Thai food is healthy. Lots of crunchy greens and barely a hint of chilli. I think the pork belly is deep fried though.. which would explain why its deliciously crispy. But not very good for you.

Pad Nue Nam Mun Hoi

Stir fried marinated topside with shallot, mushroom and oyster sauce served with steamed


This was very tasty and the beef topside was nice and tender.

Pad Pik Khing

Stir fried crispy pork belly with chilli, lime leaf, green bean and pik khing sauce

This dish was surprisingly spicy. The pik khing sauce really kicks a punch.

Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab with Mango Salad

This my friends, is no the 'mango salad' you would expect. The mango is actually green mango, which is a sour stringy version and not the sweet juicy mango you would pick up from the supermarket. The salad is quite good and if you like thai salads, definitely try number 20 beef salad, superb.

Dear readers, I apologise for the lack of frequent updates. Lately I've been a little preoccupied. Mostly because its just so friggin damn cold and I cbf going outside to eat. Tonight my lovely sister cooked chicken and swiss mushroom risotto, asparagus wrapped in prosciutto and poached pears for dinner. Seriously, why would I go out to eat? Anyways I do have a few more posts that I need to upload, including J's 24th at Red Chili Sichuan Restaurant. With a menu that includes:

- Chef's special lamb spices with spciy cummin

- Hot Pot Venerupis with hot and spicy sauce

- Stewed Beef and vermicelli in special cour soup

- Country style stewed fish fillets with chinese chive juice

(exact spelling of the menu), it was definitely an experience to remember.

By the way, how awesome is the new level 5 Westfield food court? I was so excited! I had lunch there today and also last Friday. It has a Din Tai Fung and the 'stalls' look like proper restaurants. I cannot wait to try Ragu Wine Bar. So excited! Who wants to have lunch?

So until then (B.L can you please upload photos!) toodles :)

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