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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sassy's Red, Malaysian, Sydney Westfield Food Court

Sassy's Red by Chinta Ria

Level 5, Westfield Sydney Food Court

I am in love with the new Westfield food court. Din tai fung? Charlie & Co? Chinta Ria? Thairiffic? Every time I come here I want to try everything. I could just like eat all day and eat and eat and eat. So far I've only tried DTF, guzman buritos, sassy red and macaroons from one of the cafes. Pathetic hey? I really want to try the Ragu Wine bar and also those hot dogs with truffle oil chips. So depressing.. I wish I had the metabolism of a fourteen year old girl in the middle of her growth spurt so that I can just eat and eat and eat.

Anyways before I start sounding like a psycho.. I came to Sassy's Red for lunch after gym today. Did a V-Core class at VirginActive and nearly died. Who does squat jumps, lunges and pushups as part of an abs workout?! Seriously. Evil instructor. Anyways it was good so I'm going again next week hah!

So Sassy's Red..

Chicken Rice

Fragrant chicken rice and grilled chicken on top.

Very good.

Funniest thing happened.. as I went to get the sambal sauce for my chicken rice this Indian lady goes up to the counter and is like 'I know I've finished my dish but I found a hair in my food". And her plate is like literally scrapped clean. I mean hello???? If you found the hair at least tell the food stall BEFORE you eat the whole friggin thing. Sigh some people...

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  1. Hello....Thank you so much for your kind comment. We endeavour to give our "friends of Sassy's" a homely experience when they visit.Yes, we do get some weird comments albeit this is hospitality industry ! btw, the chilli paste on the table is sambal as differ from XO sauce.Please say hello when you next drop by, perhaps a Teh Tarek on us :-) W...onderland a modern food village on the 5th ! Cheers....simon

  2. Hi Simon! Thanks so much for visiting my blog :)
    Your sambal sauce is absolutely delicious and I look forward to trying out other dishes from your menu. :)