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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Fujiya, Japanese, Sydney

Fujiya Japanese Restaurant

Level 1, 605 George Street

9283 2268

Fujiya is that restaurant which everyone forgets about until they run out of all other options. Tonight, we went to Fujiya. Its pretty sad since initially I was trying to think of a new Japanese restaurant to try- but realised nothing was new. It seems the new restaurants (Sushi Hotaru @ Galleries, etc) are just sister restaurants of old Japanese restaurants. Unbelievable.

Does anyone know any new good Japanese restaurants that are in the Sydney CBD? Yes I understand that Darlinghurst, Potts Point, Glebe and etc are all very hip, trendy&etc but I'm talking about a good restaurant within walking distance of the CBD..

Anyways.. surprisingly I quite like Fujiya. It has a great location, good views to people watch if you get a window seat, moderately priced and the food is consistent (although somewhat average). But hey- as long as you know what you're expecting you won't be disappointed.

Chicken Gristle Kaarage

I love this dish. Theres not many restaurants in the city which do this and Fujiya has the best deep fried chicken gristle. Less fat and meat, more gristle. Drizzle with lemon- perfection.

Takoyaki (Japanese Deep Fried Octopus and Potato balls)

Takoyaki- not too bad. Serving size a bit small for the price but acceptable.

Wagyu Fried Rice with Garlic

Rice was chewy and didnt stick together, lots of egg, beef was tender. I liked this :)

Nabeyaki Seafood Udon

This was an ideal choice what with all the cold weather in Sydney at the moment. The soup was rich and hearty with the egg adding a really good flavour.

Sashimi Salad

This was my least liked dish.. the sashimi wasn't cut up into equal portions, the dressing tasted really strange and there was way too much onion. Also could barely find any salmon.. seemed like mostly kingfish. Disappointed because I've had the tofu salad before at Fujiya and its always been really good.. I wont be ordering this salad next time.

Overall its a good place for a nice quiet dinner and I would recommend it on non busy nights (ie sun-thurs). Its not overly expensive ($50 for two) and the booths are cute and cosy and the waiters aren't obtrusive. Good thing about japanese restaurants, the boyf left his bag at the place and they had it when we came back three hours later to look for it. Thanks guys! Much appreciated :)

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