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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Belgian Beer Cafe, Belgian, Sydney

Belgian Beer Cafe

135 Harrington Street


9241 1775

On Wednesdays the Belgian Beer Cafe does a 'half price mussels' promotion which is a great feed and great value. Definitely book ahead because one Wednesday I tried 'rocking up', the wait was about 2 hours.

Mussels galore! Its the last week of this rotation so a few of us decided to celebrate with a longer than usual lunch. I booked lunch about three weeks ago (yes im a diary nutto) so for the past three weeks I've been really excited about mussels.

The mussels are usually $28.90 but on Wednesdays they come down to $14.45. Each 'pot' holds one kilogram of mussels and are served with fries and mayo.

Hint: Keep the shell from the first mussel you eat and use this as your pincher for the rest of the dish.


Ta da!

This is the Siam Mussels cooked with tom yum sauce, thai basil and finished with coconut cream.

Next we have the Poulette which is cooked with white wine, bacon, vegetables & a touch of cream

And finally we have the Provencale which is cooked with tomatoes, capsicum, herbs & garlic.

These were my mussels and they were delicious. I don't like onions so I picked off the onions but there was lots of great flavour coming from the capsicum, tomatoes and parsley. Parsley + mussels is soo good.. Each time I would find a parsley bit to eat with the mussels.

Evil chips and really delicious mayonnaise which has ruined my perfect diet for the week. I had subway last night for dinner guys. Subway! Sigh and I've ruined all that good work by eating these chips.. but they were irresistible :(

A very satisfying lunch. I didnt finish my mussels actually.. was too full. Yum! Definitely recommend you guys to try.

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  1. Awesome value - thanks for the heads up! Will have to go once my "no chips" month is up... ;)

  2. mmh.. mussels.. definitely want to try this !!

    dw, i had charlie and co a week before (a bowl of truffle chips, all to myself.

    his week i had lunch with my bf. I anticipated to try reuben and moore, instead we opted for snag and stand. MORE DEEP FRIED CHIPS *melts*

  3. Thanks guys for commenting :) Yes dolly you should definitely try it and bring ken along! Its very yummy :)