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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Din Tai Fung, Taiwanese, World Square

Din Tai Fung,

644 George Street Sydney

9264 6010. Bookings strongly recommended

After Bridesmaids J joined us for dinner and we decided to go to din tai fung for our dumpling fix.
The restaurant had a line (as usual) and we waited for about 20 minutes before getting a table.

Chefs in action

Each patron is given some shredded ginger in a bowl. The way to eat the dumplings is to dip them in a ginger, vinegar and soy sauce mix. I do half vinegar and half soy but you can adjust this to your preferences.

Drunken chicken ($8.80)

Chilli cucumber ($4)

This is great to eat with the meal because its healthy and 'cleaner' for your body.

Tofu with pork floss and preserved egg ($7.50)

Yum! This was the first time I've tried this at din tai fung and I love it. Will definitely order this one again

Hot and Sour Soup ($5.50)

Very hearty and warming.. great for a winters day.

Spicy prawn & pork wontons ($9.50)

Cha Jiang Noodles ($11.80)

Handmade noodles served with pork mince and bean curd sauce. Also very good.. noodles were perfectly cooked and chewy and the flavours are great.

Crumbed chicken fillet with fried rice ($13.80)

We were really full up to this point so only managed to finish half of this dish...

Steamed pork dumplings ($10.80)

These are my favourite dumplings and you dip these in the vinegar/soy/ginger mix. We ordered two servings which was clearly too much as we struggled to finish it. These are alot better than the ones I've had at taste of shanghai.

Lychee and Mint Juice ($6.50)

Ever since K.H introduced me to this drink I've ordered it each and every time I've been to DTF. I love it. It is simply awesome.. you definitely have to order this. Anywhere else I would have accompanied my meal with tea but not at DTF. This drink is a definite must try.

I'm so full! Its almost 11pm and I'm still full. We ordered heaps of food and for 3 the bill was $110 without the entertainment voucher. Very very satisfied though :)

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  2. i love the pork and prawn wontons :)

    i definitely need to try Tofu with pork floss and preserved egg. Everyone is raving about it XD.

    unfortunately last time i went it was 2 people $85?, definitely $80 plus and i was still hungry :(

  3. i love the tofu with pork floss i just feel so healthy hehe

  4. Yes I love this place :)

    Dolly- I cant believe it was so expensive! I think $85 for 2 is a bit ridiculous for DTF.. the food wasnt that good :(