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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sky Phoenix, Yum Cha, Sydney

Sky Phoenix

Level 6, Shop 6001 Westfield Sydney

9223 8822

This week has been bad. Now that I'm writing up these blogs, I can actually see all the food that I have eaten this week/weekend. And I'm not too proud of myself.

I was actually considering doing a '30 days of healthy eating' and only going to HEALTHY places to eat and doing a month worth of healthy food blogs.. I think I really should.. because I'm not healthy at the moment haha

Anyways lets start off with Friday afternoon yum cha. So Sky Phoenix allows two sessions for yum cha on Fridays- 12PM- 130PM and 130PM to 3PM. Naturally I chose the 12pm sitting since I hate being hungry and waiting for food :)

The food was very good and for an hour we happily chomped through various dim sims/buns/pastries and so forth.

Seafood and vegetables dumplings

Prawns and vegetables dumplings

Sauteed tripe belly (I think)

Stuffed and deep fried taro puffs

Deep fried glutinous rice stuffed with pork- or otherwise known as 'footballs'

Pork and prawns wrapped in bean curd pastry

Steamed prawn dumplings

Chives and prawn dumplings

Vegetable dumplings

I'm very proud of our group for ordering mostly steamed dishes. Although we walked away extremely stuffed and satisfied, at least we managed to avoid most of the deep fried dishes. We finished off our meals with mango pancakes and mango puddings which were rich, sweet and delicious.

A very convenient and easy place for yum cha in the CBD. Its great that you can book because it means you dont need to worry about wasting half your lunch hour waiting for a table. :)

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  1. I havent been here in ages :(

    Seafood and vegetables dumplings look so colourful :)

  2. You can make table reservations for yum cha? That's great!