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Friday, June 3, 2011

Strawberry X Cafe, Breakfast, Surry Hills

Strawberry X Cafe

23-33 Mary Street Surry Hills

9280 1161

We had bought one of those ourdeal vouchers for breakfast for 2 at Strawberry X Cafe... The deal was something like $20 for two breakfast dishes, orange juice and coffee and tea. Upon entering Strawberry X Cafe on a Saturday afternoon at about 1pm it seemed like everyone also had the same deal! Quite funny actually.. I think they must have ran out of glasses for the orange juice because they were serving orange juice in every glass possible. Milkshake glasses, tumblers and even beer schooners and beer glasses. We were served orange juice in 2 heinekin tumblers :)

Skim Mocha

I usually drink either skim mochas or skim caps but I've noticed that some places will do horrible cuppacinos but average mochas. So I went for the safe choice here and ordered a mocha. Love my coffee.

English Breakfast Tea

Big Breakfast

Actually I think this may have been called the X breakfast or something.. cant really recall. Two poached eggs, mini sausages, bacon, tomato, mushrooms and toast. Yum!

Eggs Benedict with Bacon

I ordered the eggs benedict but changed the salmon to bacon. They also topped the dish with some grilled asparagus which was a nice touch. I enjoyed this but I get the feeling they may have been low on supplies because I only got one small slice of toast.. which wasnt really enough. But still, great sauce and great poached eggs.

Would I come back? Yes. Although its not the best breakfast place in Sydney, its definitely better than many of the other options in the CBD. The place is located close to central station and world square, about 10 minutes walk away.

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