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Saturday, April 16, 2011

El Jannahs Restaurant, Lebanese, Punchbowl

El Jannah

Shop 2, 709 Punchbowl Road


This probably isnt the right way to start off a food review but upon parking along Punchbowl Road, I spotted a used condom packet on the ground. No jokes. Enter at your own risk.

Feeling adventurous and craving some charcoal chicken? Well El Jannah is one of the best charcoal chicken places in Sydney. Ive been to the Granville one several times and really enjoyed it. The owners have recently opened a new restaurant in Punchbowl and I'm really happy about it because its closer than the Granville one.

We went at about 3pm on a Sunday afternoon so it was nice and quiet. The restaurant is airconditioned and brand new so very nice and clean. We went sort of for afternoon tea so shared a quarter chicken. I cant remember how much this was but the takeaway price is about half the eat in price. But I always opt to eat in because its cleaner, easier and its still a bargain anyways. I think for the quarter chicken eat in its about $12 with a drink?

yum. I love el jannahs. The garlic sauce, the pickles, the chicken, the bread. Sigh

The chips are really. Crunchy and sprinkled with chicken salt.

Definitely one of the best charcoal chicken places in Sydney. As for the location? Hrm I may be heading back to the Granville restaurant.

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