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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Fook Yuen Seafood, Chinese, Chatwood

Fook Yuen Seafood Restaurant

Level 1, 7 Help Street Chatswood

This was my second visit to Fook Yuen. The first was okay but not worth the one and a half hour wait. Diners beware- the line is excruciatingly long for weekend yum cha. I think Chatswood seriously needs a new yum cha restaurant.

After a long easter weekend of drinking and mayhem, our group of eight were hungry and wanting some good old yum cha. We arrived at Fook Yuen at 230pm. This was a problem since the restaurant closes at 3pm. So from the moment we were seated, we were frantic trying to order as much as we could.
I only remembered to take photos of the first six dishes.. after that, food was the only thing on my mind.

Har Gao

This is my all-time favourite dish. Simple steamed prawn dumplings.

Beef Tendon

Also another regular yum cha dish, this is sort of a soy sauce black bean beef tendon.

Chicken Feet

I know this one is a bit strange but its actually really delicious. Tastes like chewy saucy beancurd.

BBQ Pork Buns

Vegetable and Mushroom Dumplings

Stewed Pork

We ordered a lot more dishes but I forgot to take photos of them. The food wasnt too bad and I actually quite enjoyed it.

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