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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Ginger & Spice, Singaporean, Neutral Bay

Ginger & Spice
Singaporean Restaurant

240 Military Road Neutral Bay

9908 2552

As a singaporean chilli-crab virgin I was super excited when the boy suggested to try Ginger & Spice. So on a rainy Friday night at 9pm I was ready to get my hands dirty.

Two things to start off with:

1) The restaurant takes cash only

2) Book a day or two ahead for the singaporean chilli crab.

*drum roll*...

Singaporean Chilli Crab.

I have quite simple tastes.. to me, I like my crab with ginger & shallot. Every time. So it was really quite an experience trying crab with this chilli tomatoey and eggy sauce. And surprisingly, I loved it. The sauce was fantastic and I would definitely recommend this. Book it a day ahead, this crab was about a kilo, fed four and $130. A bit pricey since I dont think the crab was fresh but it didnt really matter because the sauce kicks a punch.

Roti Prata, Crispy Fried indian wheat bread with curry dipping sauce.

I just realised that they charged us full price but never gave us the dipping sauce!! Grrr

Squid Kechap Manis

Deep fried squid tossed in home-style sweet soy and chilli sauce with a touch of tamarind.

This was average, not too bad. Wouldnt rave about it though.

Kang Kong stir fried with Belachan (Malaccan Shrimp paste)

This was much better than average.. So good that I'm going to try to make this on the weekend and hopefully incorporate it into my family dinners :) The shrimp paste is so addictive.

Half Hainanese Chicken

I think I've finally found a place better than Jimmy's Malaysian (world square) for Hainan chicken. Love it. (Although I've never been to Temasek but I hear its really good too). Daymn, this chicken was so fine. Tender, juicy, perfectly cooked, deboned, and not too fatty. I will come back to Ginger & Spice just for this.

Overall I really enjoyed Ginger & Spice. The waitresses were very nice and service was excellent. Also the chefs are genuinely Singaporean so if you're craving Singaporean, try heading up to Neutral Bay :)

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