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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Mappen, Japanese Udon, Townhall


(Part of the Menya chain)
Shop 11, 551 George Street

Japanese style fast food- freshly cooked deliciously chewy udon with self serve toppings.

The Japanese are experts when it comes to convenience. If you love a quick, easy and cheap feed- definitely try Mappen. Mappen is the udon version of Menya, a very popular ramen chain around the city. Its cheap (approx $5 for a base udon, and $1.5-$3 for additional tempura toppings) the average meal is under $10.

You choose your base and then the toppings...

The vegetable tempura ($2.8) is really good but definitely share this as if you try eating this alone it gets sort of sickly after a while. The chicken breast tempura is also very yummy! Try to get the tempura when they are freshly cooked as its nice and crispy and doesnt have that soaked oily taste.

Beef udon ($6.90) with vegetable tempura ($2.80), chicken breast tempura ($1.80) and seaweed side (80cents)

This was very yummy. I love how you can get your own toppings. This is definitely the place for picky people who like certain things and would normally omit/add certain things in their normal meals- ie. I always get extra coriander with my vietnamese pho haha.

Ontama Bukkake

The first time I had this I didnt really like it, but the second time I really enjoyed it. This is sort of a dry udon with soft boiled egg and lemon and surprisingly, it goes really well. They give you a little bit of udon soup with the udon but most of the flavour comes from the gooey egg and the lemon and its actually a nice refreshing taste. Give it a try but if it does sound strange, try the kake which is the normal soup udon.

I'll recommend it if you're in a rush or want something cheap to eat before a big night out. If you're looking for a place to chat, this isnt really suitable because theres always long lines and people wanting your seat.

White iced chocolate, The Chocolate Room
The Chocolate Room is an easy place to go for a drink/place to chill. The iced chocolates are fairly good but slightly pricey at $8.50. But then again, you're not just paying for the drink, you're paying for the nice plush seats and the quiet environment.

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